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MM: Daigoro Bao Heima Application by Shanainanese MM: Daigoro Bao Heima Application by Shanainanese
-Note, I only made things cleaner, I didn't make any changes tbh. :iconmingplz: //so don't kill me for updating without noting plz, I rabuuu all of you in MM <3//
:bulletgreen: Points for Wands
:bulletgreen: 10000 MP Initial Application
:bulletgreen:Persona and Psyche Atlus
:bulletgreen: Application Sheet Morphos Metaphor, Biree :iconbiree:
:bulletgreen: Daigoro Bao Heima Shanainanese (me), :iconshanainanese:


H E I M A ' S . S T O R Y L I N E
Chapter 1[link]

N A M E :
Daigoro Bao Heima (commonly referred to as "Heima" or "Hazma", rarely uses his first name)

A G E :

H E I G H T . A N D . W E I G H T :
5ft 8in. (177cm)
160lb (72kg)

G E N D E R :

Y E A R . L E V E L :
First Year Transfer Student

W E A P O N :
Sabre and Scabbard

Daigoro participated in several drill teams, such as the Honor Guard; requiring him to perform various movements with sabres, pole arms, flags, and rifles. However, Daigoro was honorably discharged from his military academy by his grandfather so that he could attend school in Japan. But before he moved away he received his performance Sabre and Scabbard as a traditional gift from the academy and a memento from his teammates. (it's quite a touching story really QvQ)

A R C A N A :
[V] Hierophant (A unifying leader that strives to bring harmony to its community)

A R C A N A . R A N K :
Rank 1

S U I T :

P E R S O N A :
R4: [link]
R1: [link]

R4 Skillset - Current
Mabufula (R4)
Mazionga (R4)
Agilao (R3)
Garula (R3)
Megido (R4)
Auto-Tarukaja (R4)
Rebellion (R3)
Apt Pupil (R3)

R1 Skillset -
Assault Dive (R1)
Garu (R1)
Life Drain (R1)
Zio (R1)
Invigorate (R1)
Hama (R1)

N A T I O N A L I T Y :
American (mixed Asian ethnicity, primarily: Japanese and Cambodian)

L I K E S :
+Working (he's a workaholic lawl...)
+Completing a job thoroughly
+Cleaning and cooking
+Taking care of his cat
+Practicing with his Sabre and Scabbard
+singing...... he typically keeps this a secret ovo b
+Rules,guidelines, and structure(he's a goodie two shoes and can't break the rules)

D I S L I K E S :
+Wasting time
+Saying "NO" to new job oppurtunities
+Disorganization and chaotic situations
+Repairing his Sabre and Scabbard
+"Hanging out" and "Having fun" when there is work to be done
+Being the leader
+English, especially: analyzing literature and writing essays that require him to express an opinion

P E R S O N A L I T Y :
Influence on Personality!
:bulletgreen:Daigoro's personality traits were a direct result of the years he spent at the military academy. They heavily conditioned him to abide by the core values; to uphold the highest honor, to service others before one's self, and to commit to excellence in all actions. He is a heavily traditional person and uses these morals to conduct his daily lifestyle. Sometimes his grandfather condemns his grandson's new-found logic, but Daigoro dismisses this and holds fast to his knowledge that was taught to him by the military academy.

Limits To Extreme Focus
:bulletgreen:With a strong sense of duty, Daigoro maintains a high work ethic due to the strict and rigorous learning enviornment that his military school instilled and the result of his work reflects this. Usually he places a top priority on his academics, however there are situations where he puts his focus towards other things, and his academic great drops considerably. Daigoro's ability to harness his concentration is the key factor into his school work, but when his priorities change so does his work efforts. He cannot balance himself well enough to perform multiple areas of work and thought. Although he has a high work ethic when he's determined to finish the job, he tends to neglect his other priorities because he can only think about one thing at a time.

Overwork And Stress
:bulletgreen:Daigoro is only human; he has his limitations as well. Sometimes he can work consistently on a job for days, however if he does not take the time to rest properly he will tire out and may even pass out because his body needs to recover. Usually his grandfather tries to advise him on taking breaks, however Daigoro tends to overwork himself past exhaustion because he is always determined to complete the tasks at hand. It's because of his determination that, notably, Daigoro's brain works his body past it's limits and hardly notices that he's tired sometimes (will pass out if not rested).

Disciplined But Quiet
:bulletgreen:Daigoro is extremely disciplined and adopted a quiet temperament with a stoic demeanor. Although he doesn't speak much unless he's spoken to, Daigoro will often communicate politely. Daigoro rarely calls anyone by their first name and prefers using their last name as a sign of respect. He typically doesn't smile but his facial expression shifts when he is placed into uncomfortable situations that make him nervous (for example: asking about his private life, his goals, or other personal questions //an exception is: singing//).

Is Not A Loner!
:bulletgreen:Despite his quiet temperament, he actually enjoys putting himself in a crowded room and surrounding himself with people. They may not take notice of him, but public areas are very comforting for him. Normally he listens to the voices of the people within the general area to feel that he is not alone and morphs the natural sounds around him into white noise. This is in order to suppress the memories of any difficult situation he has experienced during the day. Sometimes it is a defense mechanism when he encounters failure.

Likes To Follow Others (in other words he's like a puppy following its master owo b)
:bulletgreen:In the academy, Daigoro acquired years of leadership training and he has several strong qualifications to become a leader, but he would prefer being a follower. He believes he is able to perform at optimum level when he is given specific directions that someone else gives him rather than acting on his own. Usually this submissive attitude gives people opportunities to take advantage of him, but that doesn't really matter to him. He spent years following orders, listening to people, and being a grunt worker; rarely does he convey his own opinions and thoughts on subjects that DON'T involve working. Daigoro's grandfather takes note of this, and tries to lead his grandson to take a more active role in his life and makes him question the institutions that society has placed upon his grandson. He can see Daigoro's potential, and hopes to properly guide his model behavior.

Stubborn Mindset
:bulletgreen:When Daigoro is working, his unwavering determination makes him very stubborn. Sometimes his goals conflict with the majority and even though he doesn't normally take his own stand on situations, he has a strong mindset to finish his work. Although, Daigoro has yet to cope with many situations where he must make tough decisions like this, ideally he would side with work to protect traditions and values. At his previous school it was typical for all students to behave as such. There is no doubt in Daigoro's mind that, when it comes to work, it is a priority and must be placed higher above one's self.

Terrible Creativity!
:bulletgreen: Unfortunately, he lacks a lot of creativity. Daigoro is usually unable to use his best judgment because of his limited imagination. While he was at the military academy, they strictly limited the freedom of creativity to all their students, and now Daigoro is heavily deprived because of such restrictions. The most that Daigoro can do with his limited ability is sing lullabies or songs he has listened to beforehand. Often his grandfather would request him to sing various songs and notices that singing is Daigoro's only means of expressing his inner self. (he is much more expressive ) Anything beyond that is unknown.

Fearful Of Change
:bulletgreen:It is evident that after the death of his parents, Daigoro, underwent a drastic change in himself. The trauma from the loss of his parents haunted Daigoro. However this dissipated when his grandfather sent him off to military school. His attendance at the academy allowed him to heavily practice more a more traditional perspective on life. This was offered to him as an opportunity, and he took it as an escape route. Now that he has intricately interwoven the structure that the academy provided for him, he uses it as the foundation for all his beliefs and motivation. There are several times when people try to encourage him to stop conforming and find a new path to understanding, but he is fearful of experiencing the familiar chaos from after he lost his parents. Daigoro goes into deep thought when he is engaged into thinking about who he is, and like most teenagers his age, is highly unsure of who he is or who he aspires to be. Furthermore he becomes increasingly nervous when he comes out of his comfort zone in situations that require a higher level thinking. When he feels obligated to answer he cannot muster up a straight or proper answer because he is straying away from his teaching and fears that the walls he built would crumble and throw him into disarray.

S T R E N G T H S :
+Hard working
+Can utilize almost any weapon to the fullest extent
+Will always finish the job he is given no matter what
+Highly dependable
+An attentive listener
+Follows all directions precisely
+Works well when following others
+Sets goals to accomplish

W E A K N E S S E S :
+Lacks a creative imagination
+Has a tendency to overwork himself and become exhausted from overworking
+Cannot quite grasp the understanding of other people's feelings when his work conflicts with the opinions of others
+Does not really care who's really affected by the goal at hand
+Very stubborn
+Lots of short-term goals, however is very unsure of himself in the long-term perspective
+His private life and secrets, for example his parent's death or his singing (can be easily threatened by these because he likes to keep such things to himself....)
+His dependency on others to take charge
+Lack of experience in leadership
+Fear of change in his daily lifestyle
+Can only work on one goal at a time and has difficulties with balance/managing his priorities
+Analyzing and thinking ahead
+Rigid thought process

H I S T O R Y :
When Daigoro was younger, he overindulged himself with his parents' wealth which nurtured him into a spoiled brat. However, in the 5th grade, his parents died in a car accident. Although he was ordered by the court to live with his grandfather in Japan, he sent Daigoro to military school to "straighten out his grandson's attitude".

At first, Daigoro spent weeks mourning the loss of his parents, but eventually he accepted his fate and assimilated to his new environment. At the academy he initially underwent drastic physical and mental situations that transformed him into a taciturn teenager. Now he always tries to strictly organize his life.

Daigoro participated in several activities in the academy at the request of his peers and sympathetic staff members in hopes of lightening up his spirit. Even though he brought success to them with his diligent work ethic, Daigoro's demeanor remained reserved.

Years passed and Daigoro's grandfather arrived at the academy to see his grandson, hoping that he changed for the better. When the two met, his grandfather was delighted to see the development of his grandson. Daigoro's grandfather took him to Japan to live in Kirimori and allow Daigoro to truly experience high school.

T R I V I A :
+Prefers to be called by his last name: Heima, or Hazma (Hazma is a common mispronounciation of his last name by his former peers)
+So far the only his grandfather is the only one that refers to him by his first name
+He's a Capricorn(Daigoro's birthday is on the 21st of December)
+The takoyaki phone charm was given to him by his grandfather because he was unsure of what to give him as a welcoming present
+If you listen very closely you can hear him hum lullabies to himself while he works lawl.... he doesn't like talking about his singing <3
+He absolutely NEEDS a clean toilet and bathroom in order to properly function, and he will go through great lengths to clean it properly
+Often singing when he's alone (or so he thinks)
+In his free time he practices spinning his sabre and performs new tricks to hone his skills
+He actually wears contacts, and when he's in his casual clothes he switches to glasses
+Maintains a very detailed log book of his daily activities and plans for the near future
+Just recently found his cat, his grandfather named it


S O C I A L . L I N K S :


I FINALLY FINISHED <3 RABU RABU RABU <3 I can't believe I finished this ahead of time ROFLMAO.... Now I'll go retreat into my egg shell from my embarrassing and childish comments q-q....

:iconlazysulkplz: I'll start finishing my requests/ stories as I hope and pray that I make it into this enrollment period lol...I should really work on studying for my ACTs.. q~q, *retreats back into rabbit hole because I feel so insecure*

Please excuse the extremely long block of text that will follow after this final comment...


Went through some massive edits to make him more believable/less perfect in his personality/history. And also converted him from the Devil Arcana to the Hierophant. //hopingthiswillworkanddoesntgetpenalizedforit

Plus I added and deleted some of his likes/dislikes and strengths/weaknesses.

I really tried to make the changes properly Q___Q I hope everything checks out to be ok!

[EDIT: 25 Jan 2013]
Updated with R4 Skills! :DDDD
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:iconmmdaigoroplz::iconsaysplz: //scans the bookshelves for a particular encyclopedia as he briskly walks through the encyclopedia aisle// Hmmm... How strange. //observes a student blocking him from the encyclopedia and tries to move him so that he could obtain it// ....

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